“I actually look forward to my workouts with Darryl and Anne Marie because they make it fun to train and they are such delightful people that I enjoy the time I spend with them. Thanks to Darryl and Anne Marie (I work happily with either one), I am in the best physical shape of my life; strength, tone, and flexibility. Even my “skinny” jeans fit for the first time in years. I never liked gyms and I couldn’t get an effective enough workout on my own. The LiveWell Company is a great solution for my fitness routine.”
Rosemary, age 55

NYU, Vice Dean for Global and Strategic Initiatives, SCPS


“Darryl is my third professional trainer…and by far my best. He has appropriately developed my program so that I am continually challenged but also am not in danger of hurting myself. I feel healthier than when I started and the workouts show physically. Darryl has worked my entire body, especially my core. His program has helped with the back problems I have had for many years. I am totally happy with my progress and my continued improvement to both my health and looks.”
Howard Socol
Former CEO, Barneys NY

“Almost 13 years ago (November 2001), with great trepidation, I met a trainer who I hoped would lead me through getting into shape without injuring myself. Today, my strength and energy, confidence in my body, and control over my muscles make me feel 20 years younger than I am!! Professional and extremely competent, warm and caring, Anne Marie is not just my trainer, but a part of my life. And that goes for her professional and life partner, Darryl, as well. What an incredibly great team!!”
J.H.R., age 70

“A friend introduced me to Anne Marie over three years ago and I got hooked. Then my daughter started to visit for workout pointers. Then I took my husband to meet Darryl and he’s been going ever since. Now all we need is a way to get our son on board and they will have our whole family!”
K.P.C., Vice Dean, NYU

“For years, training never worked for me, because I never went. Then, years ago, I met Darryl and Anne Marie and I have been travelling faithfully from the Upper West Side to Tribeca every week. I travel past thousands of other trainers, who train far closer to me, to train at The LiveWell Company! But the travel to Tribeca is worth it. Darryl and Anne Marie are skilled, focused, and experienced at what they do. They provide an environment for training that is relaxing, stimulating, rewarding, and private. I cannot recommend them more highly.”
David Rubin, Attorney

“Anne Marie has helped make what I once saw as an arduous task – taking care of my body – something I take great pleasure in. She trains me with humor and patience (and impatience when necessary!) and an ever-increasing knowledge of how the body works and how to challenge it. She has helped me build inner and physical strength by really paying attention to me in particular – what I mean is she is sensitive to my personality. As a result I have gained confidence – in my body (with all it’s curves and quirks), in my sense of myself as an athlete, and in my ability to take on any kind of new challenge.”
A.G., Journalist

“My on-line dating profile at the beginning of the year described me as an inactive, out-of shape, slightly depressed, but otherwise okay middle-aged guy. Then, in early January I started training with Darryl. Pretty soon I had to change “slightly depressed” to “happy much of the time.” In a couple months, I changed the posting to note that I was in “pretty good shape.” A few weeks later, I added, “hobbies include conditioning and strength training.” Finally eliminated the whole thing altogether when I met the woman I am going to spend the rest of my life with. There is no question in my mind that Darryl helped me get in shape physically and mentally to make that happen. Not just for AARP members, either. My 21 year-old daughter, home from college for the summer, trains with Darryl and Anne Marie and she calls them both, “God.” On top of that, they’re both real sweethearts.”
Bill R.

“I started training with The LiveWell Company three years ago and since that time I’ve felt healthier, stronger and happier than I ever did in my whole life. The strength, encouragement, compassion and inspiration I’ve received from Anne Marie and Darryl has been invaluable. I’ve never done the same workout twice, I’m constantly being challenged to be the best that I can be. I can’t recommend The LiveWell Company highly enough. If you have the opportunity to train with them, they will change your life.”
Neshama Carlebach

“Darryl has been my trainer for years and we have done great work together. I am a patient of a sports medicine chiropractor and Darryl has been able to work within my special boundaries and still help me to grow a lot stronger. No matter how discouraged I have gotten, Darryl has helped me to focus on the positive, see the best in myself, and never give up. He is completely open to working with other professionals in designing a workout that is specific for your needs and knows so much himself, that the results are awesome. And Darryl and Anne Marie are two of the nicest people you ever want to meet! The minute you walk into their studio you feel like you are with friends.”

"I have exercised with Anne Marie and Darryl Bennick at The Live Well Company on a weekly basis for more than five years. My training time at The Live Well Company is always physically challenging, but I continue at it religiously due to the personal care, attention, and results the Bennicks consistently provide. Their private exercise studio is a clean, tranquil escape from the hustle and grind of my daily routine, and the warm, funky vibe Anne Marie and Darryl have created makes The Live Well Company a comfortable place for all"
David Kaufthal

"People will ask me why I travel on the subway all the way down to Tribeca to train with Anne Marie, and my first response is to simply say, 'She's worth it.'  But the reason she's worth it, is that despite many years of accumulated injuries, aches and pains, after training with Anne Marie I feel better and stronger than ever.  She is not only knowledgeable about what she is doing, but seems to intuitively know what my body needs, and where to draw the limits, which is a lot more than I can say for myself.  So, thank goodness for Anne Marie!"
Lauren, age 50
Business Owner