A New Year, A New You????

Resolutions. Why do we make them? Is it truly a chance to right all the wrongs we feel we have made over the past year? If it is, why don't resolutions stick? Another problem, why do we make the same, or at least similar, resolutions every year? This year I will lose 10 pounds. This year I will start every day at the gym. This year I will get more sleep each night.

The problem here lies not within the resolution itself per say but in our habits, expectations and in the direction we take in order to achieve this not so unreasonable goal. Perhaps what really needs to be resolved is the issue interfering with achieving the resolution you have made. If each year you find yourself wanting to lose 10 pounds by January it is not going to help you in the long run to go on a crazy diet and exercise kick. That will make a momentary dent but most likely you will be back at point A January 1 of the following year. Instead, look back at your year and think about the daily or even weekly events that led to you having the extra weight to begin with and try to change those things. Do you go out for most of your meals? Do you stay up late watching TV and eating snacks? Do you have more than 1 serving of an alcoholic beverage often? Do you wind up foregoing your workouts because other commitments take priority?

This year, look back at the things that interfere with the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal. Your resolution should be something like, "I will cook two meals at home each week" or "I will get to bed by 10pm three nights per week" or "I will workout in the morning before an afternoon meeting can get in the way." If you can make small changes in your daily life, such as these, you may be surprised that by December 31st, 2015 you do not have 10 pounds to lose anymore! Resolution Resolved!